Sunday, October 05, 2014

Oh The Irony

A poll released late last week by Gravis Marketing ignited a spark of hope in the hearts of the dedicated, albeit unrealistic, supporters of the hapless campaign of anarchist Amanda Curtis. 

 The poll conducted September 29 – 30 showed the struggling campaign to be reaching the high-water mark achieved by John Walsh before the disastrous plagiarism scandal that tanked his campaign just over a month ago at 41% 

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!  The needle doth move!!!!  Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!!!  The race tightens.  Only 13 points down.  That’s 7 points in 45 days.  Oh, wow.  If that momentum keeps up, there’s a chance!!! 

Yeah - if the election could be put off until – uh – say, February.

But wait!  Gravis Marketing.  Isn’t that the polling firm that those two oracles of liberal thought, the Daily Kos and Slate Magazine, trashed as a fraud, and snarkily noted, [S]o far in 2014, Gravis Marketing is in the lead for the prestigious Strategic Vision Award for Botched Polling”?  Maybe the spread isn’t so wide. 

Read on, Grasshopper.

Gravis missed two major primaries this year by at least 25 points each!  Oh, boy!!!!!  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course, what they missed was not the winner – just the margin of victory.  Instead of squeaking out a 43 – 28 victory over Steve Stockman in the Texas primary, John Cornyn trounced him 59 – 19.  And Mitch McConnell?  Gravis called it 48 – 34 for McConnell over Bevin.  Whoops – missed again.  It was McConnell 60 – 35.  Given those errors, Steve Daines could well be at 65%.

But there was another much more credible CBS/New York Times Battleground Tracker poll conducted during the same time period.  The Curtis Kids won’t like it though:  Daines - 55%, Curtis – 35%. 

Right where she started.  All that hard work.  All those miles. Dealing with the annoying tracker and the reporters and the rubber chicken and cold spaghetti, and the late nights and early mornings, and the criticism, and infighting and fundraising, all the other crap that a candidate has to deal with day in and day out – hasn’t made even a little difference.  The more she gets out there, the more people look and don’t buy.   

Hold on – maybe she could just go hide in a closet and keep quiet for the next 30 days.  Being an unknown worked better for her. 

Oh, yeah.  Too late.  She’s already out there.  Way out there.

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