Saturday, December 28, 2013


If I believed Senator Baucus was intelligent, I would also believe that he conspired with President Obama for his job as ambassador to China.

Baucus’s job outlook looked dim. His authorizing and support of the ACA would not go over with the voters of Montana. So he tried to distance himself from his work by pronouncing the oncoming train wreck. The oncoming train wreck being obvious to everyone but Democrats.

But that was like trying to bail out the Titanic with a teacup. Plus it probably removed Baucus from Obama’s Christmas card list.

But somebody, probably not Baucus, saw opportunity in disaster. Save the Democrat seat in Montana and get Baucus back on the bus with a bribe of a cushy retirement. Therefore we get the early retirement of Baucus, Governor Bullock getting to appoint his favorite buddy to the senate and Baucus back to supporting the ACA. This also leaves Bullock on the owing side to Obama. And leaves a Democrat senator with no ties to the ACA as an incumbent senator.

Who needs money to corrupt our elected offices, they do a fine job by themselves.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Doesn't Matter

President Obama and Sebelius are desperate. They need the public to think the ACA is working. So they seek out anyone who has actually signed up for health care. Their search rivals that of Diogenes with similar results.  So they have diagnosed the problem and discovered it is the lantern's fault.

So now they seek a new lantern. That being the media of course. But the media is not holding the pom-poms quite so high. Because they are also hearing the cries of the public and sometimes from their own (see Kristen Powers). So they also search fruitlessly with a slight reduction in enthusiasm.

But the search continues. Because in Obama and the liberals world it is not results but intentions that matter. Because if you can fool the public with intentions and phony glowing results then they will vote for you. And for Obama and the liberals that is all that matters.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Obama Give to Iran

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have to be the worst negotiators in history.

Their deal gave Iran billions in money, unimpeded uranium enrichment and freed an Iranian scientist. Such a gift. And right before Christmas.

And what did we get.... NOTHING.

What really galls me is that an ex-FBI agent and a pastor remain hostages in Iran. Obama couldn't even be bothered to bring them up in the negotiations. Because Obama and Kerry only carry about politics and their legacy.

Either that of they are both bumbling idiots. I wonder if I can get them in a poker game?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Awaits the Country

Senator Baucus was one of the architects' of the disastrous Affordable Unaffordable Care Act. Not satisfied with his decimation of the American economy and having time on his hands as a lame-duck senator he is looking to cause more destruction.

So he has announced he will be rewriting the U.S. tax system. He promises to improve how the IRS works. I guess the partisanship already displayed at the IRS was not far enough to the left.

Besides the disastrous health care system he helped design is going to need an infusion of money since most people are unable to afford the Affordable Care Act. And that will take more taxes that President Obama said he wouldn't raise... period. And we know how well Obama keeps his promises.

Baucus promises to make the IRS more fair. I am always terrified when liberals try to make things more 'fair'. As they always make whatever they touch less fair and more partisan.

Why couldn't Baucus have just resigned?

I am all for taking his name off the federal courthouse, he doesn't deserve his name on any public buildings. Can we take away his federal retirement and force him and his family to signup for Obamacare?

Wishful thinking on my part.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


President Obama recently declined to attend the anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg address. However he did attend the anniversary ceremony for President Kennedy.

Could this be just a pure political decision. Or maybe he doesn't like Lincoln. After all he didn't free Obama's family.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Feel the Love

You always hear how mean conservatives are and how they hate everybody.

Well KXLF had an article on Bohlinger commenting on how the government shutdown was just like the Taliban. Some readers thought this was not a nice thing to say and commented. Especially some who fought in the wars.

Of course a progressive had to pipe in and show his love.

Can't you just feel the love.


New Gallup poll says uninsured are rejecting Obamacare. Of course they are, they expect the government to supply everything for free. They are not going to pay for insurance.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

That's Not an Appolgy

President Obama has been listening to his handlers and the talking heads he didn't want the rest of us to listen to. He apologized for the Obamacare roll out and the people who lost their insurance. At least that is what the media is telling us.

I listened to his 'apology'. It sounded more like he was apologizing that we were too stupid to understand that he was always going to force people into his 'better health care insurance'.

That is what a narcissist calls an apology. I call it a lame.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Great Article

I laughed and laughed while reading this article. So true. And I will be enjoying my retirement while millennial's pay for it.

Just goes to show you get the government you vote for. Kurt Schlichter

Senator Tester is a Partisain Hack

Listening to my favorite liberal radio station this morning, KBLL. When they had a sound bite from Senator Tester on how well the Obamacare website is going.

Senator Tester immediately blamed the problem on outsourcing. The reason the Obamacare website was in such bad shape was because some (Republicans) had forced the government to outsource so much government work to independent contractors. Showing once again Tester's deluded image of capitalism. In his view only the government can provide quality work. I guess all those stimulus projects that President Obama gave to Unions and party supporters are faulty and about to fall apart. Why I bet that plane he flew into Montana on barely made it here because of course it was not built by the government.

When asked if HHS director Sibelius should be fired he of course came to her defense.

I guess all those things he said about not being President Obama's lackey were a complete lie.

Tester won his last election. So now he can go back to his partisan socialist agenda. He won't have to pretend to be a moderate reaching across the aisle till the next election.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Random Thought

I wonder if any of the Hollywood actors pushing Obamacare in all of those ads were lucky enough to one of the 6 people to sign up for Obamacare?

Because they surely would like to have Obamacare... right?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Thought

While pursuing the internet I saw a comment, from Andy Levy, I think. Paraphrased below.

The world and our congress is all upset about finding out the NSA monitored Germany's Merkel. Yet nobody is saying anything about the NSA continuing to monitor the USA citizens.


I predict this years’ Christmas to be one of the worst on record. And I blame it all on President Obama.

The President lied about Obamacare. The people don’t get to keep their insurance, or their Doctor and their rates are going up. Many families will be paying more for health insurance and some will be paying much more. And many won’t have a clue on what they will be paying because they can’t access Sibelius’s disastrous website.

That means less money for Christmas shopping. Why would anyone spend for Christmas presents when they don’t even know if they can afford their health insurance. Or they are paying a lot more for their insurance and can’t afford presents.

But don’t worry, nobody has told the President and he will blame everything on Republicans… or Bush.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Three Front Negotiations



Not content with the Syrian red line screw-up President Obama is about to outdo himself in screwing up foreign affairs.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Syria President Assad and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have all appealed to President Obama to start negotiations. And just like the negotiations with the North Vietnamese in France the whole goal is to tie Obama up while they steal the cookie jar.

President Obama is so enamored with his disastrous Syrian red line fiasco and the media touting it as a genius negotiation move that Obama believes his own press. He is in total belief that his oration skills will win over his opponents. But this is not an election, this is world domination. And they don’t care how the media spins the stories as long as they win.

I predict that the Iranians will talk till their nuclear weapons are completed. The Syrians will do like wise till they have defeated the rebels (who may be just as bad as Assad). And the Palestinians will convince Obama that the Israelis are mean and he should stop supporting them. Well actually they won’t convince him, Obama already believes that the Israelis are the only thing blocking peace in the Middle East.

Meanwhile Putin will continue hunting and killing bears while shirtless and Obama will continue to hit the golf range and ride bicycles. The other world leaders will know that the USA has lost their spine and will quickly align themselves with the new world leader…Putin.   

Putin to the Rescue

I can not stress the importance I give to the complete humiliation the USA received from President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry’s completely botched Syrian red line. Not only has it damaged the USA’s standing in the world it has also raised President Putin to the level of statesman and peace maker.

No matter how much the media spins it Kerry screwed up with his statement about if Syria disarming would solve the red line problem. And then Putin seeing a gaping opening took advantage of this blunder. And Obama went along with Putin elevating himself to lead negotiator.

Putin is playing chess, Obama is playing checkers, Kerry is playing Scrabble and Biden is still trying to figure out tic-tac-toe. It is complete humiliation. And I don’t think any of our leaders understand the loss.

Meanwhile the media keeps spinning it like Obama and Kerry planed this disaster from the beginning. But it was a total screw-up.

The USA lost worldwide credibility and the moral high ground. This will hurt our country for decades.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria Screw-up

President Obama is between a rock and a hard place. And it is all because of his own narcissistic belief in his omnipotence. I would laugh if it was endangering our troops.

He has totally screwed up the Middle East. His management of the Middle East by not managing has caught up with him. And his mismanagement of Syria is amongst his all time greatest foreign screw-ups. But I am not going to reiterate his mismanagement, which is already old news. Today I am predicting his upcoming screw-up.

He foolishly drew a red line in the sand believing his omnipotence would be apparent to Syria’s President al-Assad who would then cower in his bunker. Instead even Assad’s eleven-year-old son laughed.

Now President Obama has realized that he is looking like the buffoon that he is to the American electorate. He must correct this, but what is a buffoon to do now that his bluff has been called.

Well he could devastate Syria’s air force and take out major military installations. But that would need congress’s approval and would get us in a war. Which would expose him as the huge hypocrite he is after his excoriations of President Bush for ‘his’ wars. And getting congress to approve is highly unlikely.

Or he could do what I think is the most likely course he will pursue. He will launch some cruise missiles from well offshore so as not do endanger American troops and force him to give back his Nobel Peace Prize. He will target a few military sites which have already been evacuated because the President has already revealed his targets.

This of course will accomplish increasing our national debt for restocking our ships with replacement missiles… and that’s about it. Because he can’t actually attack the chemical weapons storage sites. That might cause the release of toxic gases and President Obama could cause the deaths of thousands of innocent Syrian’s. That wouldn’t do. And trying to attack all of delivery systems available is out of the question.

So we will lob a few missiles into Syria, Assad’s son will post taunts to President Obama on his Facebook page, the press will praise his protection of the Syrian people, Democrats will praise his diplomacy, the Muslim Brotherhood will claim he hates Syrians and so will Assad. And nothing will be accomplished. President Obama might have well just voted “Present”.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sideways Move

Can't say what or why, but 2 Helena Handbaskets is limiting ALL postings for awhile. So I had to renew and revise my old blog. Sorry for the mess. Had one hell of a time even getting in. Forgot my password and had another identity Google was trying to use to make a new blog.

Lets just say that unlike the Handbasket master I am not encumbered by politics or work. In fact being retired I can say pretty much what I want as long as it is not libelous.

But also being retired I am not in the loop for local politics. So my postings will be more of a national interest with some state influence.

However I will also be taking contributions. Anyone out there wishing to post can contribute to darkman_52@'VERYWARM'mail. It is a throwaway account I have had for a very long time. It has no links to anything or anyone else.

Any posts will of course be subject to my approval with only myself to appeal to. As long as the posting is not profane and is of interest I will post it. And I will keep all identities secret unless subpoenaed.