Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Do They Represent?

The latest news says Governor Schweitzer now receives most of his campaign donations from out of state. This includes donors from the East coast and Hollywood.

Senator Baucus receives most of his campaign donations from the state of New York.

Senator Obama’s campaign is taking illegal donations from those who give more than is allowed and from characters such as Mickey Mouse. His campaign has modified their computers to allow them to take credit card donations without verification of the donor. He has received donations from foreign countries without verification the donor is a USA citizen.

So just who are the supporters they will represent? Certainly not Montana.

Montana will have the best politicians that money can buy this year. And at a cheap price too.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How Obama Became a Senator

As we approach the final days of this election it is relevant to ask how Barack Obama (d) became a senator. It was not is oratory or his promise of change nor even his policies. It was how he forced his opponent’s, Senator Ryan’s (r), sealed divorce records to be opened. Even though Senator Ryan was honorable enough not to force John Kerry’s (d) divorce records to be opened during his presidential bid. Dirty politics and personal attacks from Obama.

Recently we have seen how the left wing attack machine of the DNC attacked a private citizen who dared to ask a question of Obama. Using government resources to seek incriminating information on him.

We have also seen how the left wing attack machine has desperately searched Governor Palin’s (r) family seeking anything they could to use against her bid for vice president. Attacking her husband and children and her underage daughters ‘face book’ records.

This is what we have in our future should Obama be elected. Attacks of anyone challenging or even asking questions of Obama. A fascist country crushing any citizen who questions this government.

Is this what we really want for our country?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Senator Baucus for Censorship

Senator Baucus (d) is again running for office this year. But is this the man we need in Washington? Baucus along with 41 Democrat senators tried to get Rush Limbaugh admonished for a statement he made about a “phony soldier”, a man who claimed to be a decorated soldier. A man who lied about the Iraqi war to an adoring press. Who then was exposed to be a total fake.

Yet Baucus had nothing to say when Murtha (d) accused American soldiers of killing innocent civilians with no proof. Nor did he say anything when Murtha accused his own constituents of being racists and red necks.

No Baucus will forgive Murtha and join with Harry Reid (d) and try to censor free speech in this country. They will introduce a law innocuously called the “Fairness Doctrine” which is just an attempt to force liberal viewpoints onto talk radio.

Baucus’ indignation and view of free speech is tainted by partisanship. Is this really who we want to represent Montana?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Williams Ayers is not Equivalent

I had thought the DNC letter writing campaign to the Helena IR could not sink any lower. The bar was set extremely low. But somehow they managed to slither under it.

A recent letter compared an American veteran to William Ayers and found the two to be morally equivalent. A terrorist who is not repentant as suggested in the letter, but who’s only regret is that he didn’t blow up more buildings and kill more people. A man who to this day fights to convert America to communism while standing on an American flag and denouncing America.

I thought I knew how low the left would sink to elect Obama. I was wrong, they can sink much lower than anyone thought they would.