Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria Screw-up

President Obama is between a rock and a hard place. And it is all because of his own narcissistic belief in his omnipotence. I would laugh if it was endangering our troops.

He has totally screwed up the Middle East. His management of the Middle East by not managing has caught up with him. And his mismanagement of Syria is amongst his all time greatest foreign screw-ups. But I am not going to reiterate his mismanagement, which is already old news. Today I am predicting his upcoming screw-up.

He foolishly drew a red line in the sand believing his omnipotence would be apparent to Syria’s President al-Assad who would then cower in his bunker. Instead even Assad’s eleven-year-old son laughed.

Now President Obama has realized that he is looking like the buffoon that he is to the American electorate. He must correct this, but what is a buffoon to do now that his bluff has been called.

Well he could devastate Syria’s air force and take out major military installations. But that would need congress’s approval and would get us in a war. Which would expose him as the huge hypocrite he is after his excoriations of President Bush for ‘his’ wars. And getting congress to approve is highly unlikely.

Or he could do what I think is the most likely course he will pursue. He will launch some cruise missiles from well offshore so as not do endanger American troops and force him to give back his Nobel Peace Prize. He will target a few military sites which have already been evacuated because the President has already revealed his targets.

This of course will accomplish increasing our national debt for restocking our ships with replacement missiles… and that’s about it. Because he can’t actually attack the chemical weapons storage sites. That might cause the release of toxic gases and President Obama could cause the deaths of thousands of innocent Syrian’s. That wouldn’t do. And trying to attack all of delivery systems available is out of the question.

So we will lob a few missiles into Syria, Assad’s son will post taunts to President Obama on his Facebook page, the press will praise his protection of the Syrian people, Democrats will praise his diplomacy, the Muslim Brotherhood will claim he hates Syrians and so will Assad. And nothing will be accomplished. President Obama might have well just voted “Present”.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sideways Move

Can't say what or why, but 2 Helena Handbaskets is limiting ALL postings for awhile. So I had to renew and revise my old blog. Sorry for the mess. Had one hell of a time even getting in. Forgot my password and had another identity Google was trying to use to make a new blog.

Lets just say that unlike the Handbasket master I am not encumbered by politics or work. In fact being retired I can say pretty much what I want as long as it is not libelous.

But also being retired I am not in the loop for local politics. So my postings will be more of a national interest with some state influence.

However I will also be taking contributions. Anyone out there wishing to post can contribute to darkman_52@'VERYWARM'mail. It is a throwaway account I have had for a very long time. It has no links to anything or anyone else.

Any posts will of course be subject to my approval with only myself to appeal to. As long as the posting is not profane and is of interest I will post it. And I will keep all identities secret unless subpoenaed.