Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day for ACA Signup

Well sort of. Except for all of the exemptions and any old excuse you want to use. But no matter what happens it is simple to predict what will be said April 1st (will any Democrat see the irony?).

On April 1st President Obama will announce the ACA a total success. No numbers will be available, no breakdown of age groups and no total number. But it will be declared a success. The media will agree completely and have no follow up questions.

Vice President Biden will also declare it a success and fire off a shotgun. The media will ignore the hole in the ceiling.

Harry Reid will declare the ACA a success and immediately announce that the Republicans fighting it were all racists. The next day he will deny that he called Republicans racists even though their are videos. The media will call the Republicans mean spirited for questing Reid.

Nancy Pelosi will declare the ACA a success saying that 300 million people now have health care due to the Democrats. She will put out a correction later that day saying she meant 100 million. The next day she will put out a correction saying it is 30 million. The press will write stories supporting her statement and calling Republicans who object unsupported by the facts.