Sunday, November 05, 2006

Helena IR Senatorial Pick

Well I expected the liberal IR to pick Tester and they did. But that was not enough. They also had to post two political cartoons that were anti-Bush and post two opinion writers who are ultra-left and anti-Bush. I guess they didn't think everyone would follow them over the cliff like lemmings without extra opinions.

Paul Krugman definitely has 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' and the highest liberal ranking at Thomas Friedman is just behind him with a definite liberal bias.

On page 3E an article by Brad Foss even does a 'damming denial' that Bush lowered gas prices for the election. Although the article says no individual controls world gas prices it then goes on how the liberal are linking the 'temporary' price drop to Bush.

The Helena IR by posting this just before the election makes sure that Burns has no time to refute them. They pulled out all of the stops in their support of Tester. Their ability to pick winners is not that good and I expect Burns to still win.

The Helena IR is so liberal that if there was any competition in Helena I think they would die a quick death as conservative, libertarian, and moderates would abandon their subscriptions.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry

Well the biggest news in the nation doesn't seem to be of any importance to the Helena IR today. Either they think that John Kerry's stupid statement is not news or that John Kerry is not news worthy, either way it is not in the paper.

I tend to think that they just don't like to print bad news about one of their hero's.

As to Kerry's lame excuses,... I've heard better from two-year olds.

Expect a two point bump in the polls for Republicans because of Kerry.

Not to much to report on the opinion page as 'letters to the editor' has taken over.

The Helena IR picks have not been much of a surprise yet. Their choices seem quite obvious.