Monday, November 03, 2008

IR Spin

The Helena IR printed the last of the political letters to the editor Sunday. They also insinuated that these were the last of the letters except for those that were unsigned or had no call back number.

The last five postings on this blog were all submitted to the Helena IR,... none of them were posted. All were submitted at their web site using their on-line form. All had name, address and phone number. All were conservative postings.

Now I'm not saying they are liars, but they did come out for Obama in the same paper. I believe they have a definite bias to the left. I'm sure they will disagree just like all of the other media giants who have shown enough bias that even the public is aware of their slant as well as independent studies. But they have proven to me that they are just somewhere to the left of Lenin and Marx,... the same as Obama.