Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Thought

While pursuing the internet I saw a comment, from Andy Levy, I think. Paraphrased below.

The world and our congress is all upset about finding out the NSA monitored Germany's Merkel. Yet nobody is saying anything about the NSA continuing to monitor the USA citizens.


I predict this years’ Christmas to be one of the worst on record. And I blame it all on President Obama.

The President lied about Obamacare. The people don’t get to keep their insurance, or their Doctor and their rates are going up. Many families will be paying more for health insurance and some will be paying much more. And many won’t have a clue on what they will be paying because they can’t access Sibelius’s disastrous website.

That means less money for Christmas shopping. Why would anyone spend for Christmas presents when they don’t even know if they can afford their health insurance. Or they are paying a lot more for their insurance and can’t afford presents.

But don’t worry, nobody has told the President and he will blame everything on Republicans… or Bush.