Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drill Now

The Democrats took a vacation while the country suffered with high gas prices. This after Nancy Pelosi (D) promised that Democrats would reduce gas prices two years ago. Yet Pelosi has said to her fellow Democrats that it is OK to lie to the public about not drilling. Lie to their followers, whatever it takes to get Democrats re-elected.

Democrats have refused to open up drilling off the USA coast with lame claims of American incompetence. At the same time China is drilling off the USA coast. If the Chinese can safely drill off of our coast line why are American companies banned from drilling? Russia and Cuba are also making plans to drill off the USA coast while Democrats continue to block American companies from drilling in the same areas.

The only question is if Nancy Pelosi (D) and the rest of the Democrats are forcing higher gas prices to manipulate a presidential election or if this is payback for all the illegal campaign donations from the Chinese? Don’t bother asking they will only lie, they have permission.