Friday, April 28, 2006

April 25

Cartoon was stupid today (what else is new). The military has plans to use nukes on Washington D.C. if it is taken over. To think that they don't have 100 plans to stop Iran and that some of them don't include nukes is either total stupidity or ignoring reality to support a biased position. C3L

Tom Teepen is rating the US at regime changes around the world. Ignores the fact that most of his examples are democrat attempts in the past. Although he sees a problem with Iran and them having nukes his answer is to wait. I guess that all problems will just go away if you wait long enough, at least that is what the liberals seem to think. Either that or he thinks if we wait a democrat will get in the presidency and save the world thru their inaction. Tom was a little less biased then usual today. W3L A1L

The other writer was local on mental health. No rating.


April 24

Cartoon was stupid today. Ugly white American immigrants stole Texas. Ignores the fact that the Mexicans (mostly Spanish) were also immigrants who stole the land from the natives. C3L

Mona Charen today. Lays a lot of the problems with immigrants in Mexico's lap. However she only mentions that the Republicans need to fix the problems with Mexico and fails to mention the Democrats. Give this one a W2C and A1C.
Mona has much better articles here

Thomas Friedman also wrote today. His article was all about getting college kids (indoctrinate them when they are young) to save us from green house gases. One mention of Al Gore. This article gets a W1L and A1L.


April 23

Rate both cartoons a zero today even though the one took a jab at Fox news while totally ignoring CBS bias.

Paul Krugman was at it again. Total anti-Bush rant. Paul definitely has "Bush hatred syndrome". His hatred is so visceral he can imagine nothing else but Bush impeachment and arrest. Paul is a total tool and a liberal propaganda piece. W3L A3L

Today is a perfect example of (in my opinion) the IR's mistaken belief of non-bias. They have two articles today, Paul Krugman and Amy Orser. Paul is on a total rant against Bush and the Iraq war (and everything else) while Orser submits a letter from the mayor of Tall 'Afar, Ninewa, Iraq. The mayor thanks us for our bravery in freeing his country while Krugman calls it a lost war. But Krugman also blames everything on Bush, while the Iraq mayor does not mention Bush once. So even though the mayor supports the actions of this country (and the president) by not mentioning Bush one is left with the deranged hatred of Krugman in our memory. That's why Orser will get a zero rating. Not once in her posting was there a mention of politics. So Krugman's letter is full of bias and Orser's is politically bias free. This is balance at the IR.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 21

Cartoon today was a cut at the MSM and it's obsession with Katie Couric and her move to CBS. No politics so it gets a zero today.

Ellen Goodman writes about cancer drugs today. Gets a zero.

Thomas Friedman writes about Iran. He thinks that it is better to have a nuclear Iran then have Bush do anything about it. Same old liberal mantra, leave the problem alone, it will fix itself. He thinks that Rumsfeld totally screwed up the Iraq war. He obviously hasn't read any books on WWI or WWII. In war there are great plans, then the shooting starts. Give this one a W3L and A3L


April 20

The IR takes a stab at mining and the risks. I wonder if they would be so cavalier if everyone was protesting every time they tried to build a new printing press.

Cartoon was a cut at Enron. Federal regulators were only shown on the sidelines. Wonder who appointed all of those federal regulators and how many were left over from the Clinton administration? Zero rating.

Bob Herbert today. Against the war in Iraq. Lets see, Osama had box cutters, money, and volunteers, what part of that did Saddam lack? Recently released and decoded documents said Saddam was looking for suicide pilots before 9/11. Guess the press can't find that story. Give this article a big W3L and A3L. Seems inadequate for such a propaganda piece.


April 19

Cartoon was anti-Bush and still ignores Wilson and Plame lies. Give this one a C3L.

David Brooks today. Another case of a semi-conservative writing against Republicans getting published by the IR in my opinion. He says Rumsfeld is past his time and should get out. Give this one a W1C A2L

The other article was by a local writer on the minimum wage. If raising the minimum wage is such a good idea why not go for a real raise,... say $20/hour. That should cure poverty in America shouldn't it? Of course it will completely desimate the retired who won't get a raise but will have to pay for the increased costs caused by the raise. I haven't been looking real hard in the want ads, but what I have seen there was nobody advertising a job at minimum wage. The market place tends to set wages. Artificial set points don't work. But no politics, so no rating.

April 18

Political cartoon is how the Republicans are bashing Bush on the immigration problem. Which is true, they are positioning themselves for the '06 elections. Cartoon should have included the Democrats in the picture as they are bashing Bush too. C2L

I am getting so tired of Paul Krugman. Blames global warming on Exxon. Fails to mention that half of all global warming occurred before 1950 or that global warming as caused by man is still a theory. Also leaves out how global warming is occurring on Mars, I'm sure that is man caused too, must be all those rovers on Mars. Thinks Exxon should not have a different opinion and should not have backed people who didn't believe in global warming, guess freedom of speech is a liberal right only. He only mentions Bush near the end of the article so this one gets a W3L A1L.


April 17

Well the cartoon was about Tom Delay and ethics. Too bad the media doesn't like to mention all the democrats that are in trouble too. C3L

Nicholas Kristof today. Want to start a food police network to stop us from drinking too much soda pop. Liberals all for freedom of choice as long as they can control it. However he didn't mention political parties so this one although highly liberal gets a zero for the day.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 16

April 15 was a Saturday.

Two political cartoons today. One is fairly neutral showing Rep and Dems arguing about nothing while the real problems are ignored. The other is about Dafuer, guess they want us to invade. C2L.

George Will got posted today. And guess what, he has something bad to say about Republicans, what a surprise. Several things I found wrong with the article. That the McCain-Fiengold act should not be abolished, he thinks it should continue, even though Dems have found ways around it even better then Rep. So if everybody is cheating maybe it was wrong it the first place. He also makes a dumb statement about how the fairness doctrine has some how caused conservatives to rule talk radio. No, it's because even liberals don't listen to Air America. Some how free speech isn't correct unless you force an even balance of listeners. W1C A2L


April 14

Political cartoon was condescending today. It just said that Americans are afraid to work. NO politics though.

Thomas Freidmand today. It looks like he doesn't believe in principals. Thinks we should abandon them to achieve peace in Palestine. Some how if we do this they will stop fighting Israel. Like that has worked so far. W1L A1L.

W1L A1L.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 13

Well the political cartoon today receives a zero. Well balanced even.

George Will is the writer today. Surprise, the MSM turns on McCain when he lets them know that under all of the proselytizing he might actually be a republican. I actually think he's a democrat or at the very least a poll chaser in the same style as the Clinton's, Kerry and Gore. Whatever the polls say is the way they blow. This is really quite a lame attempt to push McCain as the republican's only chance in the '08 elections. I think not. I would only support McCain if he ran against Hillary. W1C A1L


April 12

I normally don't cover the rest of the paper, but,... the writer for the article on the front page about Iran enriching uranium almost sounds happy they did it. I mean there wasn't one thing he noted about it being bad and the headline is 'God is great'. I beginning to think that even the IR is for the US's downfall.

Well the political cartoon was not political at all today. If anything it was anti-feminist. I guess the writer was trying to say Katie Couric is too cute to be a reporter. While I think she is just to liberally biased to head the evening news. But then she would be working for CBS who brought us Dan Rather who believes that you have to prove your innocence when he attacks you.

I have started to notice something about the articles in the 'Reeders Alley' section. Multi-mailings from the left. Watch how you will see several articles on the same subject (with a considerable liberal bias) all being posted on the same day. Today the postings were about a liberal fiction piece on how the military industrial complex starts all the wars. Paranoia and conspiracy theories seem abundant from the left, why they even may be contagious. I'm beginning to think these are planed.

April 11

Political cartoon got a 3L today.

Tom Teepen was the OP-ED writer today. He blames Bush for leaks (they are not leaks if the president declassifies them). Yet he totally ignores the lies of Wilson and Plame. Wilson was proven to have not only lied about who sent him and what he found but also his wife must have helped in the lack of protocol not be observed in him not signing a confidentiality agreement. Wilson support of John Kerry for president was also ignored. Another trash article. W3L A3L.

OP-ED by Deborah Smith was in my opinion total idiocy. Right from the first she shows her bias by saying it is wrong to make criminals out of illegal aliens, excuse me. Only from a lawyer could you get the double-speak. She then calls them 'unauthorized population', I guess that guy in your house stealing your TV is an 'unauthorized house guest'. She also talks about due process protections, for "ILLEGAL ALIENS". Wm Shakespeare was right. W3L A3L.


Friday, April 14, 2006

April 10

Only political cartoon of 3L today.

April 9

Political cartoon was trying to be humorous and liberal and instead showed how we are using illegal immigrants to keep American wages down. 2L. The other cartoon got a zero.

Ellen Goodman is leading the retreat of the MSM circling the wagons while they lose the war against blogs. She shows her total lack of knowledge of blogs by using the Jill Carroll case of jumping to conclusions. As opposed to the highly regulated MSM who's reporters have been caught lying and faking the news. It is hard to defend the MSM when they accuracy is also questionable. She doesn't understand that blogs are uncensored raw immediate news as opposed to the MSM which is highly edited liberally biased hyper news. Ever notice how everything the MSM writes about is a disaster about to happen. Give this one a W3L and article a 0. Thought I was going to say liberal didn't you. Although she showed bias by trying to say Trent Lott was a racist while not saying Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were liars, she didn't blame anything on Bush or republicans.

Thomas Friedman was the other writer today. While trying to say we have spent too much on the Iraq war he blames Rumsfeld for doing the war on the cheap. He also derides Rumsfeld statement that war is not static and strategy has to constantly change. So while saying the war is not going to succeed and costs too much it is because we didn't' spend enough,.... ? Give this one a W2L and A2L.

April 7

Political cartoon gets a 3L today. GOP is the hates illegal immigrants! Only the great and wonderful democrats love them. Talk about biased opinion.

Tom Teepen thinks were are afraid of Mexicans because most of the illegal immigrants are from Mexico. He can't understand why we get upset when we have to push "1" to get the English menu on help lines. Guess we should be able to pick and choose. I personally want "7" to be Norwegian. Everybody should be allowed to have their own language spoken here I guess. That should make for a Fractured States of America. The USA does have a checkered past on immigration. That nasty thing with the Japanese by FDR. Give this one a W3L and article 1L. He didn't blame Bush and he actually almost came out for Bush's proposal on immigration.

David Brooks also wrote on immigration today. Although he didn't really support the republicans he did bring up how it is the democrats trying to appease unions who couldn't support a compromise. Democrats are hoping to get the "illegal immigrant vote" in the next election which really leaves them high centered. Give this one a writer of 1C and article of 1C.


April 6

Political cartoon gets a 3L today. The attack on Rumsfeld by the media continues.

Thomas Friedman was the OP-ED writer today. He wants the republicans to create a balanced reform of immigration to improve the intellectual intelligence of immigrants. To bad Teddy Kennedy got a law passed the favors poor illiterate immigrants and limits intelligent European immigrants. He has absolutely nothing to say about any democrat immigration proposals, ... But then are their any? Usually a liberal writer who almost sounds midline today. W2L A0.

The other OP-ED article was for abandoning Iraq, she says she wants to form a dialog but the only thing she wants to discuss is when to get out. She implies that all of the previous decisions made about Iraq were wrong and that we can't trust those 'same' people to continue. The IR lists her as a former nurse. So we now have the IR endorsing a nurse's opinion on how to run Iraq. I feel there is more to this. But wait, this is the same person who opposes the patriot act but who is not led by the ACLU, according to her. She is a member of the Helena Patriot committee who got the City commission to pass a stupid resolution. Odd why every anti-Bush committee has a patriotic name. Give this article a 3L and the writer a 3L and an extra point for each because the IR didn't list her anti-war stance or fully disclose her political leanings for the article but instead only listed her nursing career and her Vietnam service.

C3L W2L A0 W4L A4L

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 5

Political cartoon gets a 3L today. When will they ever learn that the choice of who serves the president is the presidents.

Paul Krugman is worried that illegal immigrant wont have the right to vote. The real reason democrats are pushing for illegal immigrants. Vote for us or the bad republicans will throw you out. I guess they will take votes from anyone, alive or dead. w3L A2L (I gave the article a little off the liberal bias because he also wasn't happy with Teddy Kennedy)

No comment on the Travis McAdam OP-ED. It was not on national politics. It is a shame that Montana does seem to attract extremists.


April 4

Cartoon gets a 3L today. If the media just keeps hoping enough maybe they will get their civil war in Iraq.

Tom Teepen thinks he is a constitutional lawyer today. Funny how the liberals keep forgetting Jimmy Carters little indiscretions or Bill Clinton's on what powers the president really has. So even though the congress knows it can't challenge Bush the media keeps pushing. The democrats keep running from censure for a reason, they know they will lose. W3L A3L


Monday, April 10, 2006

April 3

What is wrong with Tom Teepen, he actually had something nice to say about Bush. Guess it just goes to show how diversified the immigration problem is. Give this one a W3L and an article A2C.

Political cartoon is 3L.

George Will wrote about Bush being write on the immigration bill. W2C article 3C.

The only thing I can figure is that the IR must agree with Bush on the immigration bill he proposed. Since Bush was in the middle I guess this should come as no surprise that the IR might actually find something they might agree with Bush on.


April 2

Well it's a new month for the IR. April Fools day was Saturday, too bad, the IR should have had OP-ED articles that day.

Well right off the editors opinion article is in my opinion foolish. Just how will the world stop people like Ted Kaczynski. Maybe a cop in every living room. To think that somehow anyone can prevent these types of crimes is ludicrous. Not even with a psychologist and a cop in every living room in the country.

Tom Friedman writes how the war is going badly, like the NY Times would have any other opinion. Give this one a Writer 2L and article 3L.

Political cartoon is of course trying to equate terrorism with survival and showing how they are equal. Moral relativism at its worst, 3L rating.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

March Roundup

Well I reviewed the OP-ED's for March.

I was surprised that there were 18 liberal and 15 conservative postings. I thought it would be more lopsided. This would probably be why the IR thinks it is middle of the road, fair and balanced. They most look at just the number of writers.

However when you look at the bias of the writers that is where you start to see the differences. Paul Krugman (77 lib), Tom Teepin, and Bob Hubert (63 lib) are all heavy hitters and excessively biased. Several of the writers were listed at which I use, so I won't be accused of bias. While G. Will (5 con) and D. Brooks (2 con) are almost totally neutral when it comes to bias. Looking at this the IR must conclude that they are far right columnists and are equally balanced with the far left writers. This would put the IR at about 55 liberal rating for OP-ED's using just the bias rating of the writers. However when you also look at what the pundits were writing about and rate those stories then you really start to have the IR lean left. Adding the writer rating and the article rating and totaling them then I get a 84% bias for liberal OP-ED's. This even exceeds Paul Krugman who is so liberal that he leads or is near the top of the pack for several years at lyinginponds.

The political cartoons came out at 90% liberal bias. This really came as no surprise as the cartoons are almost always about the current administration. Wish I would have kept track of this when Clinton was President.

Mean while I still await conservative writers like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and David Limbaugh to appear in the IR, I'm afraid it will be a long, long, long wait.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

March 31

Ellen Goodman is after the republicans over Terry Shivo and doctor assisted suicide. One question for Goodman, if Terry was brain dead and couldn't feel anything then why after the court decree didn't they immediately take her to a creamatorian and throw her in? She was dead wasn't she? She couldn't feel could she? Or are they trying to justify their view of the world. Writer gets a 3L and the article gets a 2L.

Political cartoon gets a 2C today. I know they didn't mean to. But it is a real hit on science and how just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

The other article was local about forests. It did mention Clinton but basically said that our forests need to be managed by experts, not emotional fools. No rating.

Well this ends the month. Now I add up all the scores to see how the IR ranks, liberal, conservative, or balanced. Now that I have a whole month to show for balance I will start on individual articles on the OP-ED page and maybe cover a few of their articles.

March 30

Kathleen Parker was in the IR today. She writes about immigrants today. Seems like a well balanced article. She is so neutral for the most part I give her a zero and the article a zero. Some may disagree but I don't see where she really blames anybody or gets political in this article.

David Brooks was also in the IR today. Basically compared Bush to Lincoln and noted Bush's faults. Give this one a 1C for writer and 1L for article.

Political cartoon got a 2L today.

March 29

Tom Teepin wrote about music today. No rating for this liberal writer today.

March 28

Paul Krugman leads today. I am so tired of this boring ultra liberal writer. I noticed in his article that he thinks all immigrants need to immediately be given health care and also states the US is a welfare state. At least in his vision of this country. He manages to blame Bush for some things while completely ignoring Democrats and their lack of a plan. After his whole article I still can't tell if he is for or against immigration. Give this one a 3L for writer and 2L for article.

Cartoon got a 1L today.

March 27

George Will is writing about a race in Ohio and how he believes it is key in the upcoming elections. Kind of a oh look out doom is coming, maybe sorta. Give this one a 1C for writer and 1L for article.

Ellen Goodman writes about homosexual adoptions. In her world the Catholic church most bow to her view of the world even if it is a sin for the church. Seperation of church and state till they want it otherwise I guess. Wish she would condemn Muslims on their homophobic views on adoption. Since it was not about US politics I didn't rate this highly liberal article.

Cartoon got a neutral today. I wonder if liberals would find it funny if Saddam was substituted for Milosevic.

March 26

March 25 was Saturday, no opinions.

Thomas Friedman was completely neutral today. So I didn't rate it.

Bob Herbert was his usual biased self. From declaring the war entirely Bush's in the first sentence. All he does is bring up the cost of the war in Iraq. I guess we will have to have a budget analysis before we ever go to war again. Give this one a 3L for writer and 3L for article plus anti-Bush. I hope he decides to look at the war on poverty next to see how much this foolishness has cost us, maybe he can talk the liberals into dropping it because of the high cost.

Cartoon was a 3L today.

March 24

First OP-ED is David Brooks. All he did was complain about what direction the Republicans were going. Didn't mention the Democrats are running in place. Another example of the IR publishing a conservative when he says bad things about conservatives. Give this one a 1C for writer and 2L for article.

Paul Krugman was in usual form today. He decried the conservatives for not bashing Bush on what he thinks is the real things they should bash him on. So he ends up bashing not only Bush but those conservatives that attack Bush. Give this one a 3L for writer and 3L for article plush anti-Bush.

Political cartoon got a 1L today.

March 23

Well if it isn't Maureen Dowd writing today. Still spouting about how the FBI failed to crack the 9/11 plot while forgetting that they would have had to violate Clinton's rules on investigations and racially profile an Arab. Wish she would go back to writing about how she hates men. Give her a 3L and her article a 3L plus anti-Bush.

Political cartoon was a 3L.

Will note that the IR is now in the legal profession by their comments today. They have already passed judgment on the legality of some initiatives being proposed. Maybe we should just get rid of the State Supreme Court, the IR has already made it's degree.