Monday, September 23, 2013

Three Front Negotiations



Not content with the Syrian red line screw-up President Obama is about to outdo himself in screwing up foreign affairs.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Syria President Assad and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have all appealed to President Obama to start negotiations. And just like the negotiations with the North Vietnamese in France the whole goal is to tie Obama up while they steal the cookie jar.

President Obama is so enamored with his disastrous Syrian red line fiasco and the media touting it as a genius negotiation move that Obama believes his own press. He is in total belief that his oration skills will win over his opponents. But this is not an election, this is world domination. And they don’t care how the media spins the stories as long as they win.

I predict that the Iranians will talk till their nuclear weapons are completed. The Syrians will do like wise till they have defeated the rebels (who may be just as bad as Assad). And the Palestinians will convince Obama that the Israelis are mean and he should stop supporting them. Well actually they won’t convince him, Obama already believes that the Israelis are the only thing blocking peace in the Middle East.

Meanwhile Putin will continue hunting and killing bears while shirtless and Obama will continue to hit the golf range and ride bicycles. The other world leaders will know that the USA has lost their spine and will quickly align themselves with the new world leader…Putin.   

Putin to the Rescue

I can not stress the importance I give to the complete humiliation the USA received from President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry’s completely botched Syrian red line. Not only has it damaged the USA’s standing in the world it has also raised President Putin to the level of statesman and peace maker.

No matter how much the media spins it Kerry screwed up with his statement about if Syria disarming would solve the red line problem. And then Putin seeing a gaping opening took advantage of this blunder. And Obama went along with Putin elevating himself to lead negotiator.

Putin is playing chess, Obama is playing checkers, Kerry is playing Scrabble and Biden is still trying to figure out tic-tac-toe. It is complete humiliation. And I don’t think any of our leaders understand the loss.

Meanwhile the media keeps spinning it like Obama and Kerry planed this disaster from the beginning. But it was a total screw-up.

The USA lost worldwide credibility and the moral high ground. This will hurt our country for decades.