Friday, March 31, 2006

March 22

Mona Charen is our writer today. I usually like her writing and she does an excellent job today. She writes about a Syrian woman who has more courage than most Americans. She stands up to an Egyptian professor on Al-Jazeera TV and talks him down knowing full well that she could be murdered for what she says. Give this article a 2C for writer, a zero for article (no mention of Dems or Reps) and a 100 for freedom everywhere.

Political cartoon gets a zero for the day as it doesn't single out either party although democrats rallied around the anti-ports deal and republicans looking for re-election also jumped ship. That the proportion was more democrat went unnoticed.

March 21

Kathleen Parker is in today. I usually like her writing. Today was pretty good about how shoving gay rights down everyone's throat actually hurts adoption in America. The Catholic church rather than being forced to have gays adopt children is getting out of the adoption business. Score 1 for gay rights and a -100 for children. Give this one a 1C for writer and 1C for article. IR doesn't seem to like to publish her if she is pro Bush and this article didn't even mention him.

Fred Thomas a local legislator defends deregulation of the power company in MT. Doubt anyone will read it, they already have their minds made up. Did a pretty good job of defense if you ask me. Since he is republican he gets a 2C (not vitriolic enough for a 3) and his article gets a zero as it seems balanced and only mentions democratic support of this bill.

Political cartoon gets a 2L.

Normally I don't rate the 100 or so other articles in the paper since the IR gets it's stories from news services it doesn't have to much control. But that photo on page 2 of the guy hitting himself on the head sure looks photoshoped to me. I doubt any Muslim would us a knife that said "US saber" on it. Sure would like to have the original picture.

March 20

The article from David Brooks today was anti-war and kinda anti-Bush sorta. Brooks was stating how all the pundints were right about the war and all of the Washington bureaucrats were wrong. Brooks conservative rating is so low I'm giving him a zero and his article a 1L.

Cartoon was a definite 3L. Cheney is part of a political junta with Bush (had to put a portrait of him in military uniform in the background) thrown in for poor tasted. While poor old Plame is poor innocent victim. Can't wait for Libby's trial.

March 18, Saturday, no OP-ED's

March 19,

George Will the moderate conservative posted today. Urged Bush to get going on Iran while whining about Iraq. Although he is trying to give instructions to Bush he also faults him too. IR selecting an OP-ED piece with damning praise. Give this one 1C for writer and 1C for article.

Political cartoon were a little offhanded. Kind of a cut on India's nuclear program and another cut on N. Dakota's stab at banning abortion using the Mt. Rushmore monument as the pretender of American rights. Somehow I don't think one president on Mt Rushmore would approve of abortion yet the cartoon implies that. Give both cartoons a 2L with no references to Bush.

The other OP-ED is against establishing a gang treatment facility in Helena. Everyone wants to get rid of their garbage, no one wants a dump in their back yard.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 17

George Will is the featured OP-ED writer today. Another conservative writer with a neutral or negative view of the president. Today's article is on the line item veto. Although it might be a good idea it is not really workable with the constitution. Presidents just need to send back those budget bills back to congress till they get it right. A few comments on the pork included and how it should be removed might shame congress into correcting the problems. Of course I could be wrong, it could be impossible to shame congress. Give this article a 2C for writer and zero for article.

The 'Your Turn' was local so got no rating.

The political cartoon was anti-Bush and liberal, give it a 3L. How anybody can compare Iran trying to get nuclear bombs to destroy Isreal and Bush trying to monitor and control India's already operating nuclear program and see them as the same shows a totally stupid view of the world.
March 16

Well the IR opinion was quite interesting today. I don't use them for ratings. Today's article was homeless. The article made an accidental statement on hospital care in the US. The liberal view is that we need a national health care system. But right in this article was a statement on how the needy do revive health care, in emergency rooms. The poor do receive health care in the US. It is only the working people who have to pay for it.

Well the IR's favorite writer is in today. Teepin writes about N. Dakota and their vote on abortion. Funny how choice is only a one way street. If you choose to kill children that is choice, if you choose not to that is not choice. This is an example of how liberal in the East states want to choose the rules for all of the country. Give this one a 3L for writer and 2L for article and somehow he didn't get a jab in on Bush, amazing.

The other OP-ED was a local writer trying to take more Montana land and give it the Feds. I am suspicious of this land grab because Clinton supported it. How come we never see the government trying to take huge sections of land in the Eastern states and trying to make them nationally protected. I say every state should have the same amount of protected property reserved for the public. Lets see 50% of New York converted to wilderness reserves. Although it is a liberal view I won't rate this one as I don't know enough about the writer or the subject to be sure.

The political cartoon was definitely anti-Bush and liberal, give it a 3L.
March 15

pretty neutral today. A local was the only OP-ED writer and his article was on a local book club at the library.

Political cartoon was a cheap shot at Anna Nicole Smith.

'As Others See it' was a stupid comment on the military and Katrina. Somehow liberals forget that the national guard is a military group and not a 911 rescue group, that's why we give them guns and train them to kill people and break things.

Give today a neutral.
March 14

Wow, an actual article from Mona Charen, wow. Of course she is not writing about Bush. Must be IR policy, only publish conservatives when they aren't for Bush. She does an interesting piece on how liberal policies have set the stage for men demanding their rights on their fetuses, wow, how radical. This one has been coming for years. Women demanding choice while denying choice to the men. Should be interesting in the future. Expect this one to be fought for years. Give this one a 2C for writer and a 1C for article. She didn't mention either party and only her first sentence actually stated it was a liberal created problem.

I really wish the IR would label Democrats when they publish them. It is never noted that Pat Williams is a staunch Democrat at the end of the article where they note his history. So now we have purple states, neither red nor blue. Since their are absolutely NO states that have a totally majority all states are really purple. But if you just want to look at the majority then they are all either red or blue. Dumb premise. Williams picks and chooses from selected polls to play to the liberals. The use of polls (often highly unbalanced depending on how the questions are asked) seem to be the news today. Polls seem to be taken to create a news story. And if polls are so great maybe we should just take polls and run the country according to the results. Give this article a 3L for writer and 3L and anti-Bush for writer.

Political cartoon and small OP-ED were some what neutral for today.
March 13,

Bob Herbert is the featured OP-ED writer today. His article is on child neglect. Tough subject with no good answers. Herbert's answer seems to be more government intervention. I don't think the liberals will be happy till they take over all child rearing from birth. Whatever the answer I don't know if there is a solution. It's been around as long as mankind and nobody has found a solution yet. Give this one a 3L for the writer and a zero for the article. He didn't even try to blame it on Bush.

George Will's article is on Barry Bonds. IR only seems to publish conservative OP-ED writers when they don't have anything to say about Bush. Give this one a 1C for writer and a zero for article.

Political cartoon (I don't even count Doonesbury, it is always liberal) is actually balanced today. Both sides have shown their stupid racist side on the ports deal. They both jumped on the deal without really knowing what was going on. Give this one a zero for liberal vs conservative.
March 12

Well if it isn't Paul Krugman day again. Second most favorite OP-ED writer for the IR. I think Tom Teppin is first.

He is changing tactics today and going after Bush on fiscal policies. To bad the Congress is totally innocent,... oh yeah, I forgot, they have to pass the budget and send it back to Bush.

Krugman keeps stating that Bush lied as if this is a truism (propaganda term) without offering proof. Give this article a 3L and the writer a 3L, plus anti-Bush. Boy that Krugman is consistent.

Political cartoon gets a 3L and anti-Bush too. The other cartoon is on health so it is neutral for today.

The 'Your Turn' article is on how political correctness has gone overboard,.... again, so it is neutral as far as directly liberal vs conservative. Although it does sound like it is liberals run amok again.

March 11

March 11

Saturday, no OP-ED.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 10

E. Goodman was against S. Dakota's attempt to block abortion. I won't get into the abortion debate right now. She of course uses N. Keenan for support, remember her. President of NARAL, the ones who had to retract an anti-Bush article even the liberal couldn't back. Somehow she blames it on Alito and his secret plans. She also conveniently forgets that the Roe in Roe vs Wade is now anti-abortion. It still surprises me how liberals are anti-death penalty but pro-abortion and they don't see a problem with that. Give this one a 3L for writer and 3L for article. How dare those S. Dakotan's disagree with NARAL.

D. Brooks article was on how different styles of teaching lead to certain lifestyles. Somehow he blamed the parents. Since the government runs the schools I find his logic,... Shall we say interesting, but then he is quoting from another writer. Writer gets a 1C and article gets a 1L.

I sure wish the IR would actually publish CONSERVATIVE writers instead of these moderates. At least it would balance all the liberals.
March 9

Well the front page is another IR hatchet piece. But lets stick with the opinion page. There is just too much for me to cover otherwise.

Well the political cartoon was fairly balanced today. Prejudice looks funny when you switch the characters. Give this one a zero.

Well P. Krugman is back. The most biased political hack the IR publishes. For his rating go to 'lying in ponds' whose link is on the left side of the page. Still spouting off about how bad the economy is (for an economist he really should look at some of the articles the NYT publishes). Still spouting off on how Bush is purposely trying to destroy America. Give this article a 3L and the writer a 3L (just can't go higher, I only made the scale to 3).

G. Will's article was about the Supreme Court's UNANIMOUS decision to slap down a bunch of idiotic campus lawyers (if they are this stupid how can they teach) who tried to get military recruiters off campus. Give this one a 1C for writer and a zero for article (since it was a unanimous decision).
March 8

Well the political cartoon is anti-Bush again, big surprise. 3L for that one.

T. Teepen again. Between Teepen and Krugman I just want to puke. For ratings on Krugman see , unfortunately Teepen doesn't write for a paper that this web site rates. We learn that Bush wants a little secrecy in the government. Guess he got tired of reading all the secrets in the news. Funny I thought the media was upset about releases of secrets before, of course they were all to ready to publish them. Funny how that goes. Give this one a 3L for writer and 3L for article.

D. Brooks is a very moderate conservative. His article today just doesn't say much of anything. Guess it is his attempt at fair and balanced. Give this one a 1C for writer and a zero for article.
Well the IR view is that everyone wants the Higher Ed office to stick around. Funny yesterday Boulder didn't want a government office located there. Of course that was a treatment center for meth addicts. Funny how that works.

Well the political cartoon was definitely anti-Bush today. Give that one a 3L. I don't know if I should keep track of anti-Bush articles in the IR since I haven't seen one that is pro-Bush.

T. McAdam article was pure hype. A noted liberal organization (Mt Human Rights Network) is upset that the ACLU and notorious liberal organization had trouble showing their propaganda film, oh wow, will wonders never end. Since they have links on their web site to the ACLU do you think they might just be the same liberal types with an innocuous name that makes them sound like they just want to help? Well duh! Lets put on a conservative view point and see how long it takes them to try to get it stopped. He also called objectors to this propaganda right-wing paranoid Christians. Nothing like a little name calling. He also stated that Fox news was Bush's 24 hour propaganda network. As opposed to ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and CNN being the liberals 24 hour propaganda networks. Any bets he wants to take FOX and Rush off the air? Funny how that censorship is so justified if it is for your side.

For the truth on media bias go to;

This one gets a 3L because I can't give it anything higher and the writer also gets a 3L.

Well I see according to our E. Tinsley the hated Bush is trying to destroy the country again. Isn't it funny the liberals try to stop all development in MT then complain about the lack of jobs. We are going to put up all of our state resources on a shrine and never use them. Wish they thought that way about all the taxes they collect. Will we have a liberal writing an anti-Bush anti-development article how about 3L for writer and article and another anti-Bush.

By the way this is great time to note how the IR does not note what political affiliations the writers have. Will have to watch and if they ever put up a conservative writer and see how they note them.

Oh the little mini-Op-Ed was also 3L for article, don't know the writer but I would bet they are liberal too.
March 6

Well the big opinion poll shows that most of the people in Helena are against the port deal. But not against the Chinese running the West coast ports. Toss up between racial profiling and actual justifiable fear. Maybe it is just fear of the unknown.

Political cartoon of course is anti-Bush. It gets a 3L.

G. Wills article is speculation on who might run for President (2 1/5 years away yet). Another failed attempt at the IR to be fair and balanced. George is a conservative writer (at least a little, what do you expect from the NYT) and is usually published in the IR when he doesn't write supporting conservatives. Give this one a 1C for writer and a zero for article.

Wolny's article is all about not wanting a treatment center in Boulder. Everyone wants a garbage dump (not to say the people at the center are garbage, this is an analogy) but nobody wants it out their back door. Guess we will just have to start building treatment centers in those old growth woods, no people there.
March 5

Rated the political cartoon zero today. Didn't mention either party.

Friedman gets a 2L for being a liberal writer and a 1L for his article. Although it is anti war it does it at least by trying to justify his position and not just a senseless rant.

Stearns article was given a 1L for writer and 1L for article. Once I get things going a little better I will have more time to delve into the writers politics more.

Op-Ed on page 5 gets zeroes all around. Although it seems to be apolitical it does have the writers quoting Ellen Goodman, a noted liberal writer.

Political cartoon on page 5 gets zeroes too. Seems to be party neutral.
March 4. No opinion articles on Saturday's.

Friday, March 10, 2006

March 3

Cartoon was conservative today (maybe) but at least it was not anit-Bush. It was actually one I agree with. Give it a 0 anti-Bush and 2 conservative.

G. Will was almost conservative. I have noticed this in the past. Whenever the IR does publish conservative OP-ED writers they usually only do it when it is a moderate or anti-Bush piece. Will have to add columnist to my ratings. So,... OP-ED 1C, story 0 (not liberal or conservative) and anti-Bush 1

T. Teepen was not nearly his ultra-liberal self today. He somehow was able to blame Bush for an increase in abortions. I would think this would make him happy but somehow it doesn't. Give this one OP-ED 3L, story 2L, and anti-Bush 1
March 2

Well the political cartoon implied that Fox news was doing a poor job of guarding the public and was biased. Too bad they didn't note how NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the NYT were covering for the democrats. Rated anti-Bush of 3 and liberal of 3.

Kristoff does another hit piece. I would like to know where he got this poll from and how slanted the questions were. Knowing he writes for the NYT I am sure it is slanted although I would like to see the actual poll. Rated anti-Bush of 3 and liberal of 3

Total 6 Anti-Bush, 6 Liberal, 0 Conservative.
March 1

Will need to do a little catching up

Todays opinion page was rather bland without much to post. The cartoons were the only political post on the page. And by MSM standards they were tame.

No rating for today.
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