Saturday, March 14, 2015

Plan "B"

President Obama is in the final years of his destruction of America to remake it into a European style socialist state. He has had some successes and some failures. He is now desperately looking at cementing his legacy.

With the House and the Senate in GOP hands he has lost the ability to shoehorn in his policies. He is pissed off. He can no longer get his way. So what is a vindictive narcissist to do with his last years? Why destroy the party that did not capitulate.

To do this he has increased his lawless abuse of Constitution. He bypasses the Congress by mandate, memos and downright ignoring the laws. That is the overt view of his actions. But he has a clandestine agenda that is far more insidious.

By constantly ignoring the Congress he is hoping for a backlash. Whether it is just a desperate move to abort his abominations or attempts at outright lawlessness the GOP is forced to lash out. But Obama is propped up by his greatest asset… the media. And no matter what he does they demonize the GOP in their feeble attempts to make Obama follow the law.

So he further taunts them hoping that they will try to impeach him. He knows he will then be able to play his last race card and declare the only reason the GOP opposes him is because he is black. And the media will support him.

The GOP finds itself with an untenable position. Fight the president and be called racist or don’t fight him and let him cement his legacy. A lose lose choice.

So our last years of Obama’s presidency we forced to be abused by childish school boy tactics.  

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