Saturday, August 16, 2014

US Senate

I almost feel sorry for the Democrats. They let Harry Reid, President Obama and Senator Baucus pick a replacement senator. Some of you will argue that our Governor made the choice but I say the choice was already made for him, he just happened to pick who they wanted.

Now after the liberal NY Times has exposed Walsh's plagiarism they are left with trying to pick a last minute replacement.

The Democrat senator pool is extremely shallow. So shallow that the Dude (Jeff Bridges) was bandied about as a replacement. Showing that Democrats were not looking for a good candidate but just a recognizable name to run. After all Harry Reid will tell their choice how to vote so it does not matter whom they nominate. It was also really telling in how many Democrats supported the Dude. Probably hoped he would legalize pot.

Well they picked Amanda Curtis. I am sure they know she does not have a chance. But they are probably grooming her for a latter run. So it will probably be a fairly boring race.

They could have made it real interesting if they had nominated that buffoon John Bollinger. But then who would trust him not to change parties depending on how the winds blow in Washington.

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